Avraham Lehrer Photo Front And Center

Joe Levin Unlicensed Private Investigator

Well looks like the real Avraham Lehrer has been exposed!  Arrested at least twice and now the we can see what the “consultant” looks like.  The glamorous spy that would make Austin Powers blush!

Joe Levin Unlicensed Private Investigator
TOTPI Joe Levin Private Investigator Photo spoof on Austin Powers Super Spy

Looking Dapper Joe, or Avraham, or whatever!

Let’s break down the statement made about Joe Levin.

“His lawyer told The Daily Beast that Levin is technically a consultant, and not a private investigator, so he doesn’t need a license.”

Ok, so, his website he clearly states:

T.O.T. Services: Private Consulting Serving The Jewish Orthodox Community Worldwide

T.O.T. Private Consulting specializes in a variety of investigative services for the Orthodox Jewish community worldwide, including surveillance, matrimonial and missing persons. Our experienced team of investigators are themselves practicing Jews whose familiarity with the Orthodox lifestyle, including the language and customs, enables us to integrate into the Jewish communities and discreetly perform our investigations.

  • Well, three times alone in this paragraph he discusses INVESTIGATIONS.  But he is not a Private Investigator.
  • He has self promoted himself in several media outlets claiming to be a Private Investigator.
  • In his own lawsuit against the MTA his lawyer claims he is a Private Investigator (Wait did he just lie to the Federal Court?)
  • The Daily Beast stated that two men hired a Private Investigator
  • He provides the services of a private investigator
  • He charges people to conduct surveillance (I am pretty sure that is what a private investigator does)

What type of training has Avraham Lehrer actually received?  Or Joe Levin for that matter?  Or any one of his other fake names?

Would you hire a person without knowing their credentials?  If they were licensed?

He does not provide any information about his training so one would have to assume that there has been none?  His lawyer stated that he is not a Private Investigator that he a Consultant, some type of Super Consultant you would have to assume.
He does know the system!  Avraham Lehrer (aka Joe Levin) has been arrested multiple times, so he definitely know the system.
We also know that everywhere you look there is a different business name, TOTPI Private Investigations, poof that was gone and then it is TOT Private Consulting, then it is TOT Services, oh and who can forget about Haredim Consulting, which is actually the name of his company.
Stay clear of this guy!
TOTPI Exposed signing off for now!  We will see you soon!

Avraham Lehrer Was Fired By His Own Attorney

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

Avraham Lehrer was actually fired by his own attorney!  In documents obtained by TOTPI Exposed, Avraham Lehrer who likes to hide behind the name Joe Levin, possibly because is defrauding the government claiming he is disabled, was in the process of suing a Martial Arts Company in Kings County (Brooklyn, NY).  On September 29th, 2011, his attorney filed paperwork “Permitting the Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, LLP, to withdraw as attorney of record for the plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER”.

Avraham Lehrer, YOU ARE FIRED!What attorney fires their client?  Why would that ever happen?

Avraham Lehrer (Joe Levin) of TOTPI Private Consulting Was Fired By His Attorney

The paperwork continues to discuss the reasons why.

“On the grounds that plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER has not been participating in the prosecution of this action; that there are differences between the attorneys and the client and an impasse has been reached regarding the manner in which this case should proceed;”

Ok, seems like a difference of opinion.  Seems strange that a person that claims to to investigate other people has not been participating in his own lawsuit.  Glad I did not hire him!  If he is not going to be involved in his own lawsuit, how we he handle your issues, right?

But then it becomes a little clearer!  The document continues:

“and that the plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER has been verbally abusive to members and staff at The Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, LLP;”

Verbally abusive to his own attorney’s staff that is helping him?  Ouch!  This is concerning.  I wonder what this pillar of society would have said in order to have his attorney fire him?

Then the document contained this:

“Permitting and allowing the Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, to have a charging lien on any recovery in this matter and to direct any incoming attorney to pay the reasonable expenses incurred to date”

This means that the law firm spent their own money out of pocket to move forward in this case and that whenever Avraham Lehrer hires a new attorney, the new attorney to get paid back in the event of a successful settlement of the case.  The attorney was willing to walk away with money out of pocket, just to get away from this guy!

You can read the document in full here: JOE LEVIN, AVRAHAM LEHRER, KARATE LAWSUIT

If his attorney is willing to lose money to walk away, why would you ever hire him?  Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, aka “The Conman” is definitely an interesting character!

We will continue to inform you about the real Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer and TOTPI Private Consulting.

Stay away from Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, TOT Private Consulting, or whatever name he is using today!

Avraham Lehrer On Disability But Working As An Unlicensed Private Investigator?

TOTPI Exposed uncovered a document that shows that he was claiming disability and had not worked since 2006. The form was completed by a doctor in Monroe, New York on 11/7/2014.  He claimed he first saw Avraham Lehrer on 2/17/14 and the last visit was on 11/7/14.  The reasons for the disability included Reflex sympathetic dystrophy, chronic nerve pain and back pain.

Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) facts. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) is characterized by a group of symptoms including pain (often “burning” type), tenderness, and swelling of an extremity associated with varying degrees of sweating, warmth and/or coolness, flushing, discoloration, and shiny skin.

It also included that the conditions have not improved.

This form was completed for Guardian Life Insurance to request relief in reference to the premiums.  This document was also provided as part of a lawsuit and is deemed to be of public record and anyone now access this document.  Once this document was entered into the public domain by Avraham Lehrer, any privacy/HIPPA concerns regarding it’s publication were negated.

Please Read The Avraham Lehrer Disability Form For Guardian Life Insurance

Please feel free to review the form here: Avraham Lehrer Disability Form

Here is an image of the form:


The question is not, does Avraham Lehrer have these ailments or not.  The problem is that he is working and has been for years based on his own admissions.

A New York Times article, interviewed our Hasidic Super Spy, in 2011.  Where gives a full interview about being a private investigator.  We also know from his arrest that Joe Levin is actually Avraham Lehrer.  We now know that Avraham Lehrer is claiming to be disabled.  Is he receiving disability as well as working?  If so, that is a crime and insurance fraud.

Here is a picture of him from the 2011, New York Times article:Joe Levin On The Job!

Avraham Lehrer (aka Joe Levin) Working While Collecting Disability Benefits?

So, our crime fighting super sleuth is not working since 2006?  This is interesting.

Based on many people that we have spoken to, Joe Levin (Avraham Lehrer) have taken their money, when he was not supposed to be working and possibly collecting disability benefits.

Now form is public record and there is no expectation of privacy.  Certain information was redacted, even more than the public record redacted, so there is no question that it is able to be published.

Let us know your thoughts on how the Hasidic Super Sleuth is so good that he can work investigations without a license and on disability!



Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin Arrested For Bribery

Beware of Joe Levin and TOTPI

Joe Levin, the so-called founder of TOT PI, operates the unlicensed private investigation company that claims to work within the Orthodox Jewish Community. The actual company name is Haredim Consulting Inc. TOT PI has been scamming the community by having them hire him to do private investigation work, yet he is unlicensed (a felony in the State of New York), and ripping people off for over a dozen years.

It is time to expose this man for who he really is! His real name is actually Avraham Lehrer, he changed his name because of the bad press that relates to his arrest.

Avraham Lehrer Arrested By Nassau County Police

The incident arose when he was trying to help put a Kosher Supermarket out of business (real friend to the community here!). The store was called Stop Delight in Great Neck, NY. He tried to get an employee to download the whole computer system and was going to deliver it to the party that paid him.

He lied and called the store claiming to be a person that works for the department of social services, and wanted to speak to a certain employee of the grocery store, the employees name was never disclosed. Joe Levin was able to get her outside by lying and claiming he had information regarding their child’s teacher. This is where he offered to pay, and tried to bribe her to sabotage the Kosher business that employed her. The person was an honest worker, unlike Joe Levin, so the employee of the grocery store made sure to contact the owner.

She then agreed to work with the Nassau County Police department to nab Joe Levin. She then agreed to meet him at a Starbucks for cash, and in return she would hand over the business records from the grocery store. The exchange never took place because he intercepted her car and eluded the detectives waiting for him. The problem was the cops were looking for Joe Levin, and not Avraham Lehrer, this is his real name. He had been working under the alias Joe Levin and it was throwing everyone for a loop as Joe Levin didn’t exist. He had been running the T.O.T. Private Investigation company with the name Joe Levin as well. They found more about him in the New York Times article that made him seem like a great guy, with amazing skills, but the truth is that he’s a con-artist that just wants your money.

Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin Charged With Felonies

Avraham Lehrer (aka: Joe Levin) was charged with two counts of computer trespass, and two counts committing a bribe in connection to the kosher grocery store in Great Neck.

The attorney for Stop Delight, Rosen, said that he was hired to obtain their business records, list of clients, list of vendors, copies of invoices, statements sent to customers, statements received from vendors, and the store’s computer hard drive that contained all the private, and personal information of the store, and employees in it. Rosen was unable to say why they wanted to obtain it, and what they planned to do with the information. Their next step was to find out who hired Joe Levin, or as you know now Avraham Lehrer, and hold them accountable.

You can read the whole story here: http://nypost.com/2011/07/18/pi-busted-as-kosher-spy/

This is a Jew that is willing to put another Jew and all of his employees and their families, completely out of business. This is PREDATOR of the Jewish Community.

The name change worked for a while because they were looking for him under the wrong name, he tends to change his name the second he screws over the wrong person, or has a run in with the law. People have trusted his company TOTPI and have paid Avraham Lehrer, aka Joe Levin, hundreds of thousands of dollars; they have got nothing but their money taken from them. He has worked in Brooklyn, as well as Monsey, and other Jewish communities like Israel.

Beware of Joe Levin and TOTPI
Beware of Joe Levin and TOTPI – Joe Levin is actually Avraham Lehrer

Beware of Joe Levin and TOT PI

It has been reported that he takes money from the person that hired him and then tries to extort money from the target as well. He likes to work both sides to make as much money as possible.

He will take your money and does produce little results. Be aware of TOTPI, and Joe Levin as his false information may be enough to trick you like it has many other people!