TOT PI Exposed Is Back! To Warn You About Joe Levin

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

TOT PI Exposed is back and here to warn you about Joe Levin, AKA Avraham Lehrer.  Recently an article appeared in the Daily Beast, ( which outlines how Joe Levin, aka Avraham Lehrer, worked with the FBI to have two Jewish men arrested.  The problem with this case, as well as the article, is that Joe Levin, aka Avraham Lehrer, aka The Hasidic Sleuth, aka “The Con Man”, claims that he is a private investigator when it suits him, and not when it doesn’t.  When he wants to get paid, he puts on his “Private Investigator” hat.  He has been quoted in many articles saying that he is a private investigator, as well on his own website!

TOTPI Joe Levin Unlicensed
Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin not a licensed Private Investigator! Don’t be fooled

Shame On You Brian Condon – Council For Joe Levin aka Avraham Lehrer

The problem is that Joe Levin doesn’t exist.  Avraham Lehrer claims he is on disability and also is unlicensed.  You can’t have it both ways and say, I am not a Private Investigator, but claim that you are a private investigator (even on your own website) as well as commence with the actions of a private investigator. Walk like a duck, quack like a duck and you are viewed in the law as a Private Investigator.  SHAME ON YOU, Brian Condon!  You are a lawyer, an officer of the Court and you are trying to pull this sham!  How many documents have you signed for Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, etc, to get him paid!  That might make some look at you as a co-conspirator.  Not sure if the fake PI is worth your Law License…

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested
Joe Levin from TOT PI has been convicted!

According to The Daily Beast

“His lawyer told The Daily Beast that Levin is technically a consultant, and not a private investigator, so he doesn’t need a license. And the other charges on the websites, which have since been removed, are libelous, he said.”

Your statements alone are libelous, false and leading you down a path of legal problems!  The problem is that the article clearly states: “In July 2016, an Israeli rabbi met with a private investigator specializing in Orthodox communities.” Hmm.. That is sort of tough to get around!  So according to his lawyer and the FBI, two rabbi’s contact a “CONSULTANT”.  What type of consultant did they think they were hiring, I mean the article said “Private Investigator”, and his lawyer just verified that he is not licensed.  We are to believe that consultants do surveillance?  I think not, and looks like Mr. Wonderful “Joe Levin” is an going to be asked some REALLY tough questions in the future.

Joe Levin, charges $250 an hour and needs 100 hours to conduct surveillance.  Sounds like a consultant to me! #sarcasm

This guy is a joke!  The thing that these two did wrong was to hire a loser like Joe Levin! The greatest part is, anyone can say that Joe Levin is a loser or anything else, because HE DOESN’T EXIST!  It is a FAKE name!

If anyone releases that information again, “I have been authorized to bring appropriate legal action,” Condon wrote.

Brian Condon, not sure where you got your law degree, but I don’t know how you take legal action when your client “Joe Levin” as you refer to him, doesn’t exist.  You should have learned that at New York Law School. His company TOTPI Private Consulting doesn’t exist either!  How do you take legal action for a party that does not exist, unless you are conspiring with him?  The Ethics Board and the Bar Association would love to hear that a lawyer takes legal action for a party under a False Name and a False Business.  It is called due diligence, Mr Condon. Technically ANYONE can say anything they want about Joe Levin, because unless you have a client with the real name JOE LEVIN, you can’t defend a JOE LEVIN in court, silly Rabbit!  I think it is so cute when lawyers bolster themselves and actually compromise themselves in the interim.

But before he hung up, Levin chuckled about the website set up to take him down.

“And then… that disappeared,” he said.

The Daily Beast  cutoff the article one sentence too early, because the last sentence should be “And then it was back!”  Exposing Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, TOT PI Private Consulting and trying to warn the world of this criminal!

It is sad that The Daily Beast doesn’t realize that they are right on edge of a great story!  How a person using a fake name, who is unlicensed, was working with the Federal Government. That is a GREAT STORY!!!!

And just a note to the readers of, any documents posted on this website have been received by Public Record.  Posting of Public Records is not liable, because you cannot say something is liable just because you don’t like it.  For it to be liable, it has to be UNTRUE, which there is nothing untrue, but the TRUTH DOES HURT SOMETIMES!