Exposing the TOTPI Private Consulting Illusion

TOTPI Private Consulting is a one man illusion.  It is a website, photoshop, stock images and a unlicensed scammer, name Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin.  In today’s post we are going to break down the illusion of TOTPI Private Consulting.

Let’s start with the command center illusion.

TOTPI Private Consulting Headquarters

You too can own a TOTPI Private Consulting Command Center for about $5 when you buy a stock image!

A simple search of this image shows that it is for sale as a stock image, which means that you can buy the image and use it on your website.

Here is the link if you are interested in buying it: TOTPI COMMAND CENTER

Available for $5! You can own a TOTPI Command Center as well!
Available for $5! You can own a TOTPI Command Center as well!

This is actually an image of the new control room for the subway in Milan Italy.

TOTPI Aviation Unit – Search and Rescue

TOTPI Private Consulting has a great aviation unit, well, not really.  TOTPI Fake Aviation Unit

The image is not a TOTPI Helicopter.  It is a helicopter is actually operated by an officer from Seagate Police Department.  Not sure if Seagate Police Department is aware that their resources are portrayed as the services of TOTPI Private Consulting, but they will be asked how they provide the services for TOTPI.


TOTPI Headquarters is in Wesley Hills, New York.  It was unclear how this could be the Headquarters because there is no heliport and it looks like a single family house. The local authorities have been notified about TOTPI Private Consulting and are looking into an unlicensed business running out of a residential home.

TOTPI Private Consulting Headquarters
TOTPI Private Consulting Headquarters
It is a great illusion that has been created but the fact is that there is no great headquarters.  The one man show of Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin is simply a GREAT ILLUSION.
The Criminal Past of  Lehrer aka Joe Levin

Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin has a serious criminal past. Arrests by the MTA Police and Nassau County are the ones that shine the brightest!

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

We have had a source that wishes to remain anonymous that has claimed as early as last week that they were taken advantage of for over $4,000.  Innocent people that have been defrauded.

TOTPI Private Consulting Does Not Exist As A Legal Business

TOTPI Private Consulting (aka Haredim Consulting Inc) was actually created in 2012.
TOTPI Joe Levin Unlicensed


Please be warned!  If you have been a victim of TOTPI Private Consulting (which is unlicensed to do Private Investigation work), Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin, report it to law enforcement!



The Real Story About Joe Levin aka Avraham Lehrer

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

Joe Levin is Avraham Lehrer

It has been established that Avraham Lehrer is Joe Levin, lying about his name to try to shield himself from the fact that he was claiming disability.  You can read the story here: Avraham Lehrer On Disability But Working As An Unlicensed Private Investigator?

We are not sure where Avraham Lehrer received any of his experience to even conduct any type of investigations.  He was operating AR Dental Supplies in 2010 and was being sued by his suppliers, Manufactures and Traders Trust Company.  You can read the lawsuit here: AR-DENTAL-SUPPLY-AVRAHAM-LEHRER . Yes this is the real paperwork, as is all of the documents posted on this website.  Joe Levin or Avraham Lehrer (let’s just call him the “Conman” for further purposes here).  These have all been obtained through online searches and publicly available means.

But it has come to light that Avraham Lehrer was arrested, by the MTA Police in 2010.  According to documents obtained, on December 14, 2010 ,he went to the Long Island Railroad train yard at 10th Avenue in Manhattan, New York to look investigate an employee of the MTA.  Not only was he not successful he got himself arrested for Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree by the MTA Police.

He plead guilty to the charges and then filed a lawsuit against the MTA Police.  According to his lawsuit, he was humiliated by being arrested and having a dog sniff him, because they views his actions as suspicious and thought that he might be there to do harm to someone.

Sources that are familiar with the case said that he was pleading and crying at the scene and through the process.  He was detained for 36 hours, and the sources said he was acting like “a REAL CRYBABY JERK!”.  The problem is that the MTA Police did not charge him correctly.  They should have charged with not having a private investigators license!

Read the portion of the Joe Levin lawsuit here:

The Real Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin Photo

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

As reported earlier, Avraham Lehrer was arrested on another occasion as well.  A year later Avraham Lehrer was arrested again, this time in Nassau County for BRIBERY.  You can read more about the story here: Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin Arrested For Bribery

Beware of Joe Levin


Who Is Behind TOTPI Consulting Inc

TOT PI Avraham Lehrer

The question that is asked is, who is behind TOTPI?

Well let’s break that down.  There is no TOTPI Corporation that is listed in New York State.  There is, however, a TOT Consulting, Inc.

Actually, Private Investigators, are required to give the name of their company and licensing information, if they do not, like TOT PI Consulting Service, then that should be a HUGE RED FLAG!  So we dig…..

The official name of the business does not appear on the website, but if you dig a little there is an article from 2011, which states that Joe Levin started his business 12 years ago.  So doing some simple math it seems as though Joe Levin started TOTPI in around 2004 (approximately).  The reason that the word approximately is used is because there were no business records that could be found that shows an actual business that represented what we were searching.  We understand that Joe Levin is not actually Joe Levin, but actually Avraham Lehrer.  Hopefully he does not invent a few new names to continue to throw everyone off! Oh, he did!  We will get into that shortly!

A search of New York State’s Business License, did reveal something interesting.

Selected Entity Name: T.O.T. CONSULTING INC

Selected Entity Status Information
Current Entity Name: T.O.T. CONSULTING INC
DOS ID #: 4777711
Initial DOS Filing Date: JUNE 19, 2015
Jurisdiction: NEW YORK
Current Entity Status: ACTIVE


Selected Entity Address Information
DOS Process (Address to which DOS will mail process if accepted on behalf of the entity)
Registered Agent

Did you noticed something interesting there?  YES!  The corporation was created in 2015! So, does that mean that he was operating illegally since there was never a corporation?  Well the type of work that is being advertised does require a Private Investigator’s license.  It has already been established that he Joe Levin does not have a Private Investigator’s license nor does TOT Consulting, nor does Avraham Lehrer.

So, the address is in Staten Island, Let’s take a look at the Corporate Office!

Where the heck is the helipad?  Where are the choppers?  Where is the Search and Rescue k-9 Teams?  I don’t see the undercover vehicles, maybe because they are so uncover, they are invisible!

We will start to dive into more shortly!  Like who is Haredim Consulting, Inc.?  Stay tuned, Stay Informed, Stay Away from Joe Levin and TOTPI!