TOT PI Exposed Is Back! To Warn You About Joe Levin

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

TOT PI Exposed is back and here to warn you about Joe Levin, AKA Avraham Lehrer.  Recently an article appeared in the Daily Beast, ( which outlines how Joe Levin, aka Avraham Lehrer, worked with the FBI to have two Jewish men arrested.  The problem with this case, as well as the article, is that Joe Levin, aka Avraham Lehrer, aka The Hasidic Sleuth, aka “The Con Man”, claims that he is a private investigator when it suits him, and not when it doesn’t.  When he wants to get paid, he puts on his “Private Investigator” hat.  He has been quoted in many articles saying that he is a private investigator, as well on his own website!

TOTPI Joe Levin Unlicensed
Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin not a licensed Private Investigator! Don’t be fooled

Shame On You Brian Condon – Council For Joe Levin aka Avraham Lehrer

The problem is that Joe Levin doesn’t exist.  Avraham Lehrer claims he is on disability and also is unlicensed.  You can’t have it both ways and say, I am not a Private Investigator, but claim that you are a private investigator (even on your own website) as well as commence with the actions of a private investigator. Walk like a duck, quack like a duck and you are viewed in the law as a Private Investigator.  SHAME ON YOU, Brian Condon!  You are a lawyer, an officer of the Court and you are trying to pull this sham!  How many documents have you signed for Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, etc, to get him paid!  That might make some look at you as a co-conspirator.  Not sure if the fake PI is worth your Law License…

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested
Joe Levin from TOT PI has been convicted!

According to The Daily Beast

“His lawyer told The Daily Beast that Levin is technically a consultant, and not a private investigator, so he doesn’t need a license. And the other charges on the websites, which have since been removed, are libelous, he said.”

Your statements alone are libelous, false and leading you down a path of legal problems!  The problem is that the article clearly states: “In July 2016, an Israeli rabbi met with a private investigator specializing in Orthodox communities.” Hmm.. That is sort of tough to get around!  So according to his lawyer and the FBI, two rabbi’s contact a “CONSULTANT”.  What type of consultant did they think they were hiring, I mean the article said “Private Investigator”, and his lawyer just verified that he is not licensed.  We are to believe that consultants do surveillance?  I think not, and looks like Mr. Wonderful “Joe Levin” is an going to be asked some REALLY tough questions in the future.

Joe Levin, charges $250 an hour and needs 100 hours to conduct surveillance.  Sounds like a consultant to me! #sarcasm

This guy is a joke!  The thing that these two did wrong was to hire a loser like Joe Levin! The greatest part is, anyone can say that Joe Levin is a loser or anything else, because HE DOESN’T EXIST!  It is a FAKE name!

If anyone releases that information again, “I have been authorized to bring appropriate legal action,” Condon wrote.

Brian Condon, not sure where you got your law degree, but I don’t know how you take legal action when your client “Joe Levin” as you refer to him, doesn’t exist.  You should have learned that at New York Law School. His company TOTPI Private Consulting doesn’t exist either!  How do you take legal action for a party that does not exist, unless you are conspiring with him?  The Ethics Board and the Bar Association would love to hear that a lawyer takes legal action for a party under a False Name and a False Business.  It is called due diligence, Mr Condon. Technically ANYONE can say anything they want about Joe Levin, because unless you have a client with the real name JOE LEVIN, you can’t defend a JOE LEVIN in court, silly Rabbit!  I think it is so cute when lawyers bolster themselves and actually compromise themselves in the interim.

But before he hung up, Levin chuckled about the website set up to take him down.

“And then… that disappeared,” he said.

The Daily Beast  cutoff the article one sentence too early, because the last sentence should be “And then it was back!”  Exposing Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, TOT PI Private Consulting and trying to warn the world of this criminal!

It is sad that The Daily Beast doesn’t realize that they are right on edge of a great story!  How a person using a fake name, who is unlicensed, was working with the Federal Government. That is a GREAT STORY!!!!

And just a note to the readers of, any documents posted on this website have been received by Public Record.  Posting of Public Records is not liable, because you cannot say something is liable just because you don’t like it.  For it to be liable, it has to be UNTRUE, which there is nothing untrue, but the TRUTH DOES HURT SOMETIMES!

Avraham Lehrer Was Fired By His Own Attorney

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

Avraham Lehrer was actually fired by his own attorney!  In documents obtained by TOTPI Exposed, Avraham Lehrer who likes to hide behind the name Joe Levin, possibly because is defrauding the government claiming he is disabled, was in the process of suing a Martial Arts Company in Kings County (Brooklyn, NY).  On September 29th, 2011, his attorney filed paperwork “Permitting the Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, LLP, to withdraw as attorney of record for the plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER”.

Avraham Lehrer, YOU ARE FIRED!What attorney fires their client?  Why would that ever happen?

Avraham Lehrer (Joe Levin) of TOTPI Private Consulting Was Fired By His Attorney

The paperwork continues to discuss the reasons why.

“On the grounds that plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER has not been participating in the prosecution of this action; that there are differences between the attorneys and the client and an impasse has been reached regarding the manner in which this case should proceed;”

Ok, seems like a difference of opinion.  Seems strange that a person that claims to to investigate other people has not been participating in his own lawsuit.  Glad I did not hire him!  If he is not going to be involved in his own lawsuit, how we he handle your issues, right?

But then it becomes a little clearer!  The document continues:

“and that the plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER has been verbally abusive to members and staff at The Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, LLP;”

Verbally abusive to his own attorney’s staff that is helping him?  Ouch!  This is concerning.  I wonder what this pillar of society would have said in order to have his attorney fire him?

Then the document contained this:

“Permitting and allowing the Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, to have a charging lien on any recovery in this matter and to direct any incoming attorney to pay the reasonable expenses incurred to date”

This means that the law firm spent their own money out of pocket to move forward in this case and that whenever Avraham Lehrer hires a new attorney, the new attorney to get paid back in the event of a successful settlement of the case.  The attorney was willing to walk away with money out of pocket, just to get away from this guy!

You can read the document in full here: JOE LEVIN, AVRAHAM LEHRER, KARATE LAWSUIT

If his attorney is willing to lose money to walk away, why would you ever hire him?  Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, aka “The Conman” is definitely an interesting character!

We will continue to inform you about the real Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer and TOTPI Private Consulting.

Stay away from Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, TOT Private Consulting, or whatever name he is using today!

The Real Story About Joe Levin aka Avraham Lehrer

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

Joe Levin is Avraham Lehrer

It has been established that Avraham Lehrer is Joe Levin, lying about his name to try to shield himself from the fact that he was claiming disability.  You can read the story here: Avraham Lehrer On Disability But Working As An Unlicensed Private Investigator?

We are not sure where Avraham Lehrer received any of his experience to even conduct any type of investigations.  He was operating AR Dental Supplies in 2010 and was being sued by his suppliers, Manufactures and Traders Trust Company.  You can read the lawsuit here: AR-DENTAL-SUPPLY-AVRAHAM-LEHRER . Yes this is the real paperwork, as is all of the documents posted on this website.  Joe Levin or Avraham Lehrer (let’s just call him the “Conman” for further purposes here).  These have all been obtained through online searches and publicly available means.

But it has come to light that Avraham Lehrer was arrested, by the MTA Police in 2010.  According to documents obtained, on December 14, 2010 ,he went to the Long Island Railroad train yard at 10th Avenue in Manhattan, New York to look investigate an employee of the MTA.  Not only was he not successful he got himself arrested for Criminal Trespass in the 3rd Degree by the MTA Police.

He plead guilty to the charges and then filed a lawsuit against the MTA Police.  According to his lawsuit, he was humiliated by being arrested and having a dog sniff him, because they views his actions as suspicious and thought that he might be there to do harm to someone.

Sources that are familiar with the case said that he was pleading and crying at the scene and through the process.  He was detained for 36 hours, and the sources said he was acting like “a REAL CRYBABY JERK!”.  The problem is that the MTA Police did not charge him correctly.  They should have charged with not having a private investigators license!

Read the portion of the Joe Levin lawsuit here:

The Real Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin Photo

joe levin avraham lehrer totpi mugshot arrested

As reported earlier, Avraham Lehrer was arrested on another occasion as well.  A year later Avraham Lehrer was arrested again, this time in Nassau County for BRIBERY.  You can read more about the story here: Avraham Lehrer aka Joe Levin Arrested For Bribery

Beware of Joe Levin


TOT PI Is Actually Haredim Consulting Inc

TOT PI Avraham Lehrer

It is important that people know who they are dealing with when they turn over their money and open their personal lives to a Predator of the Jewish Community such as Joe Levin (real name: Avraham Lehrer) and TOT PI.

The Joe Levin Investigator that claims to be the Kosher Spy is an unlicensed scam artist.  BEWARE!

We looked a little further and this a Corporation that has been attached to TOT PI , or Avraham Lehrer, aka Joe Levin (or whatever he is calling himself today! It is hard to keep up!)

Notice that his website makes no mention of this corporation, which is required.  So why is he hiding it?

Here the company information of Haredim Consulting Inc.:

DOS ID # 4335456
Initial DOS Filing Date December 12, 2012
Jurisdiction NEW YORK
Current Company Status ACTIVE

Company Address Information

TOT PI Avraham Lehrer
Beware of TOT PI

Someone doesn’t want to be attached to this company at all:

Contact Information

Telephone n/a
Email n/a

Additional Information

Estimated Revenue no information
Employees no information
Brands no information

As we discussed previously, Joe Levin or Avraham Lehrer states that he has been the private investigation business since about 2004, yet the corporation only was formed in 2012?  He was interviewed by media outlets in 2011, and they never even checked to see if he was licensed!

A further check revealed Haredim is not registered as a Private Investigation Service or licensed to perform any actions involving private investigations.

If he can fool the, he can fool you!

One of the reasons that Avraham Lehrer aka: Joe Levin, does not have license is that the little thing called an arrest could have got in the way.  We will discuss that arrest in our next post!

Meet The Real Joe Levin and TOTPI

TOTPI Joe Levin Unlicensed

TOTPI has been around for a while.  When people need help they sometimes turn to a Private Investigator for help.  Unsuspecting people have turned to TOTPI and Joe Levin (which is not his real name).

Joe Levin actually goes by the name of Avraham Lehrer and does not have a private investigators license like he claims. He rips people off by claiming to have search and rescue helicopters,  undercover vehicles, K-9 units, and more and can use these resources with his investigation services but he is UNLICENSED  and just takes their money, in some cases from both parties.

Yes!  Taking money from both sides!  People have reported that they have hired him to investigate someone, only to find out that he approached the party that he was hired to investigate and demand money from them not to expose them to the original party.

So let’s map this out.

TOTPI Joe Levin Playbook

First Reported Scenario:

Person 1 – Goes to Joe Levin and hire him to investigate Person 2 and pays him money.

Joe Levin – Starts to poke around and hopes he finds something – or simply makes something up based on the original information from Person 1.

Person 2 – Joe Levin approaches Person 2 and demands money so that he does not give the information back to Person 1.

He takes money from both Person 1 and Person 2 and never delivers anything.

If you go to his Facebook you will see phony pictures, and posts where he falsely advertises his investigating services. He rips people off and doesn’t come up with any solutions and takes credit for closing major cases.

TOTPI Joe Levin Unlicensed


Joe Levin Quotes

In an interview he once said:

His organization’s mission is encoded in the name T.O.T., an acronym for the Yiddish expression “Tuchis afn tish.”

“It means ‘Put your tuchis on the table,’ ” “In other words, ‘Show me the proof.’ And that’s what I do. I bring my proof to the people.”

So let’s do this:

“Put his tuchis on the table”

“Show him the proof!”

“Bring the proof to the people”

Since he has been exposed several people have come forward to report that they have been victims as well.  The numbers total several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are a victim, you are encouraged to report your experience to Law Enforcement or share your story, so that others will not be victimized.

We will continue to be the voice of the people and expose who TOTPI is, who Joe Levin is, who Avraham Lehrer is, and the victim’s story, so that nobody will be his next victim.