Avraham Lehrer Photo Front And Center

Joe Levin Unlicensed Private Investigator

Well looks like the real Avraham Lehrer has been exposed!  Arrested at least twice and now the we can see what the “consultant” looks like.  The glamorous spy that would make Austin Powers blush!

Joe Levin Unlicensed Private Investigator
TOTPI Joe Levin Private Investigator Photo spoof on Austin Powers Super Spy

Looking Dapper Joe, or Avraham, or whatever!

Let’s break down the statement made about Joe Levin.

“His lawyer told The Daily Beast that Levin is technically a consultant, and not a private investigator, so he doesn’t need a license.”

Ok, so, his website he clearly states:

T.O.T. Services: Private Consulting Serving The Jewish Orthodox Community Worldwide

T.O.T. Private Consulting specializes in a variety of investigative services for the Orthodox Jewish community worldwide, including surveillance, matrimonial and missing persons. Our experienced team of investigators are themselves practicing Jews whose familiarity with the Orthodox lifestyle, including the language and customs, enables us to integrate into the Jewish communities and discreetly perform our investigations.

  • Well, three times alone in this paragraph he discusses INVESTIGATIONS.  But he is not a Private Investigator.
  • He has self promoted himself in several media outlets claiming to be a Private Investigator.
  • In his own lawsuit against the MTA his lawyer claims he is a Private Investigator (Wait did he just lie to the Federal Court?)
  • The Daily Beast stated that two men hired a Private Investigator
  • He provides the services of a private investigator
  • He charges people to conduct surveillance (I am pretty sure that is what a private investigator does)

What type of training has Avraham Lehrer actually received?  Or Joe Levin for that matter?  Or any one of his other fake names?

Would you hire a person without knowing their credentials?  If they were licensed?

He does not provide any information about his training so one would have to assume that there has been none?  His lawyer stated that he is not a Private Investigator that he a Consultant, some type of Super Consultant you would have to assume.
He does know the system!  Avraham Lehrer (aka Joe Levin) has been arrested multiple times, so he definitely know the system.
We also know that everywhere you look there is a different business name, TOTPI Private Investigations, poof that was gone and then it is TOT Private Consulting, then it is TOT Services, oh and who can forget about Haredim Consulting, which is actually the name of his company.
Stay clear of this guy!
TOTPI Exposed signing off for now!  We will see you soon!