Avraham Lehrer Was Fired By His Own Attorney

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Avraham Lehrer was actually fired by his own attorney!  In documents obtained by TOTPI Exposed, Avraham Lehrer who likes to hide behind the name Joe Levin, possibly because is defrauding the government claiming he is disabled, was in the process of suing a Martial Arts Company in Kings County (Brooklyn, NY).  On September 29th, 2011, his attorney filed paperwork “Permitting the Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, LLP, to withdraw as attorney of record for the plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER”.

Avraham Lehrer, YOU ARE FIRED!What attorney fires their client?  Why would that ever happen?

Avraham Lehrer (Joe Levin) of TOTPI Private Consulting Was Fired By His Attorney

The paperwork continues to discuss the reasons why.

“On the grounds that plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER has not been participating in the prosecution of this action; that there are differences between the attorneys and the client and an impasse has been reached regarding the manner in which this case should proceed;”

Ok, seems like a difference of opinion.  Seems strange that a person that claims to to investigate other people has not been participating in his own lawsuit.  Glad I did not hire him!  If he is not going to be involved in his own lawsuit, how we he handle your issues, right?

But then it becomes a little clearer!  The document continues:

“and that the plaintiff, AVRAHAM LEHRER has been verbally abusive to members and staff at The Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, LLP;”

Verbally abusive to his own attorney’s staff that is helping him?  Ouch!  This is concerning.  I wonder what this pillar of society would have said in order to have his attorney fire him?

Then the document contained this:

“Permitting and allowing the Law Offices of Alvin M. Bernstone, to have a charging lien on any recovery in this matter and to direct any incoming attorney to pay the reasonable expenses incurred to date”

This means that the law firm spent their own money out of pocket to move forward in this case and that whenever Avraham Lehrer hires a new attorney, the new attorney to get paid back in the event of a successful settlement of the case.  The attorney was willing to walk away with money out of pocket, just to get away from this guy!

You can read the document in full here: JOE LEVIN, AVRAHAM LEHRER, KARATE LAWSUIT

If his attorney is willing to lose money to walk away, why would you ever hire him?  Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, aka “The Conman” is definitely an interesting character!

We will continue to inform you about the real Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer and TOTPI Private Consulting.

Stay away from Joe Levin, Avraham Lehrer, TOT Private Consulting, or whatever name he is using today!